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zebra. The hyena dropped into what it had justproduced.

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"Ay; and might have been stolen and carried off. I could not afford that, Isabel."

zebra. The hyena dropped into what it had justproduced.

"I don't know how it came about. I was listening for you."

zebra. The hyena dropped into what it had justproduced.

"What have you been doing all day?" he asked, as he drew her arm within his, and they walked on.

zebra. The hyena dropped into what it had justproduced.

"Oh, I hardly know," she sighed. "Trying the new piano, and looking at my watch, wishing the time would go quicker, that you might come home. The ponies and carriage have arrived, Archibald."

"I know they have, my dear. Have you been out of doors much?"

"No, I waited for you." And then she told him about Marvel. He felt vexed, saying she must replace her with all speed. Isabel said she knew of one, a young woman who had left Lady Mount Severn while she, Isabel, was at Castle Marling; her health was delicate, and Lady Mount Severn's place too hard for her. She might suit.

"Write to her," said Mr. Carlyle.

The carriage came round--a beautiful little equipage--and Isabel was ready. As Mr. Carlyle drove slowly down the dusty road, they came upon Miss Corny, striding along in the sun with a great umbrella over her head. She would not turn to look at them.


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